The picture a day challenge

An ex-colleague of mine started doing this challenge and I thought I might give it a try too.  I am not a great photographer, some of my friends are, but I snap away with the camera on my phone and sometimes I get lucky.  So this challenge might help me with my photography skills and will certainly help me meet part of my New Year’s Resolutions – to do something I enjoy.  Here goes…..

Jan 1st Relaxing with Milly Cat

Jan 2 Coffee after the spa

Jan 3rd Returning to work is a whole lot easier when accompanied by nice surprises

Jan 4th Back in the routine – morning coffee

5th January – last night of Christmas

6th January – Relax it’s Friday and we’re working from home

Saturday 7th Jan – A collage of a lovely day

8th January – Milly takes possession of a plastic bag. She’s sat on it for over 24 Hours now.

Jan 9th – Misty water and other weird weather.

10th Jan – Aurora in London

11th Jan – My birthday and a day of song and cake

12th Jan Some days require hot chocolate

13th January – Friday the 13th and more Aurora

14th Jan Sam ‘ s Hen Do and more cake

15th January – Blurgh, I’m not very well

16th Jan I’m still not well so not my photo

17th Jan not well but working – putting my best foot forward

18th January – induction

19th January chips and Cole at tge Lion with the new Messiah and friends


20th January  –  working from home provides a little colour to a dull week